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My Practice Statement

My Practice Statement

My aim is to provide you with the best medical advice and treatment currently available.

In order to achieve this, I need to ensure that you understand what is required from you. We live in a world of constant change, and so current contact details, including address, mobile and home phone numbers, need to be current. If you have changed address or contact numbers, please contact my secretary, so that our database can be kept up-to-date and we can contact you, if necessary.


While I endeavor to run on-time and keep up with scheduled appointments, the nature of obstetrics and gynaecology, is that from time to time emergencies will occur, making me run late. I ask that you be understanding and recognize that one day it could be you that I'm attending to in an emergency situation. My secretary is always available on the phone should you wish to enquire about anticipated waiting times or whether I am running to schedule. It may also be necessary on some occasions to change appointments if I'm involved in the ongoing emergent care of another patient.

As far as possible, my secretary will try to accommodate requests for specific times and locations of appointments, but please be aware that should this not be possible, she will offer you available appointments for you to choose the most suitable.

As appointments can become scarce, I also ask that you call as far as possible in advance to change or cancel an appointment. Patients repeatedly not turning up for scheduled appointments without prior notification may be refused further appointments.

Waiting-room facilities

The waiting-room is equipped with chairs and magazines. The number of chairs is limited, so please spare a thought for the other patients waiting for a consultation. At all surgeries I consult at, there are facilities located within walking distance for family and friends to comfortably have a cup of coffee while waiting for you to be seen.

The actual consultation room always provides another chair for somebody to come in with you for the consultation and husbands and partners are always welcome. Many patients like to bring a friend for moral support in situations when a partner cannot be available

A medical consultation provides important information, as well as the need for a detailed and often personal examination. In view of this, it is not suitable, nor appropriate for young children to accompany you. In order to let you concentrate fully on what information is being given to you, I recommend children be taken outside by a partner or friend during the consultation and can return, if appropriate, at the conclusion of the consultation.

The consumption of food or drink in the waiting-room or consultation room by the patient or their support person is strictly prohibited and compliance with this request will be enforced if necessary.

Results, prescriptions and privacy

In accordance with current privacy laws, I am unable to give results, issue prescriptions or perform consultations by phone. It is necessary for results of any investigations to be given in person and I recommend making a follow-up appointment to discuss the results and their implications at the same time as settling your account for the current visit.

As a specialist, I am obliged to keep in contact with your general practitioner and let them know of my recommendations and findings. In this way, all of your doctors will have access to the latest information regarding your particular situation, which should result in you receiving the best possible care. From time to time, other doctors or hospitals may require information and your signature on the release of information form will ensure that this is done in accordance with the law.

Billing and payment options

Medicare mandates that in order for a rebate on the cost of consultation to be paid, a valid and current referral from your general practitioner is required. Out of date referrals will not generate a Medicare rebate and is illegal to back date them. If you are making an appointment after not having been seen for some time, please call my secretary to ensure that your referral is current.

I bill my services in accordance with Australian Medical Association recommendations. Payment is requested at the time of consultation, and this practice accepts cheques, eftpos and all the major credit cards. Payment can also be made over the phone, by giving credit card details to my secretary. In all but exceptional circumstances, pathology tests will need to be done and these will incur an expense as determined by the pathology provider. Requests for pathology and imaging are important medical documents that must be kept secure. Re-issuing of lost pathology and imaging forms will incur a re-issuing fee of twenty dollars.

Should surgery be required, a booking is only made after receipt of a signed consent form and the "pre-payment for surgery" which generally represents the patient met out-of-pocket gap expense. I do not participate in any health fund managed care programs, and my advice and treatment is completely independent.

Should you have any further concerns please don't hesitate to contact my secretary on 38395383.

A/Prof. Gino Pecoraro MBBS FRANZCOG

Locations & Directions

Brisbane 4th Floor Alexandra House
201 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill, QLD 4000
Tel : (07) 3839-5383
Facsimile : (07) 3831-8915
Website: www.ginopecoraro.com.au